A Fork in the Tech Training Roadmap: Choosing the Right Vendor Certification for You

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  • When it comes to choosing a certification, the choices can seem confusing and overwhelming, but really it boils down to several major types. Here’s what you need to know and how to make an intelligent decision based on your goals.


    Citrix is a server and network-heavy vendor. It’s also the leading alternative to VMware’s virtualization products. And, while enterprise and midmarket companies don’t usually place a high value on these certs, a lot of solution providers do acknowledge the value of them. So, if you have the time, and the money, and you’re looking for a somewhat unusual way to improve your value to the marketplace, these are a good set of certs to look at.


    If you’re looking to bolster your knowledge of SAAS CRM tools, these are the certs you’re looking for. While they don’t have a traditional channel program for reselling their online services, most solution providers that use Salesforce say that this is the go-to product for businesses who are serious about CRM software.

    They have a somewhat long track record too, and they’re considered one of the top CRMs in the world.


    Yes, the old Sun Microsystems, contains a suite of advanced technologies in many different fields including web applications, storage and security, and servers. Getting your certifications here will pay dividends as you can get a lot of mileage out of them. Enterprise-level companies and even midmarket businesses use a lot of these for designing and implementing advanced infrastructures.


    Dell doesn’t seem like a likely candidate, but it makes the list because of its reputation and draw among enterprise solution providers. End-users have purchased oodles of Dell products over the years, and they want partners who can service their investments.

    So, while they may not be the highest quality on the market, there’s a lot of gear out there that needs work. Getting your certifications here will turn you into a “magician” of sorts – something of a Dell mechanic.


    Virtualization tech is prevalent in IT infrastructure. But, end-users don’t always have the skill sets or resources to leverage it. This is where you come in. VMWare is the recognized leader in virtualization certifications.


    HP is a favorite among many because of its broad and diverse portfolio of products. The certifications are extensive and open up a door to new and advanced resources to partners. They’re almost a must-have if you plan on working with enterprise or mid-level companies.

    End-users are also attracted to HP certs because it’s a known and trusted brand name. Of course, these certs pair well with Scrum certs, which you can also learn about CSM at Simplilearn.com. HP’s internal programs sometimes focus on this software development methodology as a supplement to other programs, so it’s worth checking out.


    IBM is one of the biggest vendors on the list – who could forget big blue? It’s broad portfolio of hardware and software remains mostly unchallenged and provides solution providers with access to a variety of different products and support mechanisms which could lead to more opportunities and profits. These certs are good if you plan on working for any large company.


    This one should be obvious. Oracle products aren’t for technical newbs. In order to succeed here, you must put in a lot of time and money. The certs are challenging, require a lot of study, and the exams can cost several thousand dollars a piece, per test. If you fail, you retake the test and pay the fee again. And, this doesn’t include the course materials.

    It’s a high barrier to entry, which also makes it a good course to go after because not many will chase this lion down. But those who do find that their training and certs pay off almost immediately. End-users use Oracle certifications as a choice differentiator when making decisions about application providers.


    Cisco Systems is pretty much the standard in networking. Its certifications are one of the many key metrics for measuring partner success. Investing in Cisco training opens doors that otherwise would remain closed forever. End-users rate it as the second-highest cert on their solution provider consideration list. What’s number one?


    Microsoft has become the most popular company in the IT world for its certifications. Say what you will about their products, but no one tops this vendor’s market power and value. IT professionals who obtain Microsoft certs tend to build profitable relationships with customers and gain access to new technologies and resources. Enterprise-level companies, and midmarket companies, even small businesses, use Microsoft.

    Chandana is a Senior Content Writer for Simplilearn.com. She has a M.A. in English Literature from Gauhati University and is PRINCE2 Foundation certified. Her unique and refreshing writing style continues to educate and inspire readers from around the world.

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