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Secretary Secrets: Five Tasks You Must Master As a Secretary

Gone are the days when a secretary’s qualifications were customer service, typing skills and answering the phone. All of those things still matter, but today’s secretary must also be dynamic, well-educated and capable of highly complex tasks. Anyone hoping to enter this competitive field should master these five tasks. 1. Professionalism Encompassing a wide diversity […]

What Do You Want to Be? Six Traditional Career Options and Why They Are Great

With the advent of technology, there are various types of careers and options for education in order to prepare people for these careers. The options are endless for non-traditional employment opportunities. However, there are still career paths out there that are considered more traditional – careers that often provide economic and financial stability. Here are […]

5 Best College Pre-Med Programs in the US

The road to becoming a physician is long and extremely difficult. Taking any 12 year (minimum) post-secondary academic path is brave, but deciding on the pre-medical track is especially so, due to the difficulty of the coursework and the length of time and money spent on school, books and supplies, moving expenses, internships and residencies. […]

New Green Energy Degrees For Green Energy Enthusiasts

With the current escalating interest in green and renewable energy sources, it is no surprise that more and more companies are beginning to develop green programs. As many companies continue to invest in green business practices, academic institutions are noticing the value in instating green college degrees. Many of these degrees are available at either […]

Education Opportunities for Naturopathic Career

Undertaking a higher educational program course from a renowned naturopathic college or institute can help students to gain the skills required for becoming a specialist in this respective domain. There are many recognized naturopathic career training offering colleges located that can help students to prepare g for their dream career. Higher educational programs give opportunities […]

How To Prepare Yourself For Law School

It is not easy. As a law student, you have to face numerous challenges. Coping with difficult course work, analyzing the complexities of the law, and cultivating contacts to help you with your career in the future are all part of the law school experience. This means that earning a law degree can be emotionally, […]