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Want A Career In Teaching? Seven Tips To Become A Successful Teacher

Although the main goal of any teacher is to help students reach their full potential, there is more to becoming a successful educator than simply teaching the curriculum. Many teachers can benefit from placing focus on specific qualities and trying to enhance them. Like many aspects of life, success in teaching depends greatly on personal […]

6 Jobs to Pursue After Graduating From College

The job market is now more competitive than it has ever been before. Even people with college degrees from top universities are finding it hard to get a job that pays well and has room for advancement. However, there are several careers that are good for college graduates to pursue because there is a national […]

Higher Education: Steps to Decide the Major for You

You’ve just graduated from high school, and everyone is expecting you to declare your college major. The only thing is, you don’t have a clue as to what you want to major in at this point in your life. Should you choose a major that will command a high salary? Or, should you choose something […]

5 Perfect Jobs for College Students

Need a flexible job while completing your degree, but really don’t want to work in the food services industry? Here are six job ideas that can earn you a little extra income and build your resume. 1: Customer Service Customer service encompasses a large portion of the job sector, from reception positions to sales associates […]

What’s In a Name?

If you’re contemplating a career in real estate, but don’t know where to start, here’s a little help. First of all, decide what role you’d like to play in the real estate industry. The two main sales-related positions are broker and agent, and these can be further subdivided into categories like associate broker, buyer’s agent […]

5 Careers To Consider in the HVAC Field

Qualified HVAC technicians are some of the most highly sought after workers in today’s job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook is expected to grow at a faster than average pace, 21% between 2012-2022 with median salaries around $43,640 annually. As a result more programs are opening up in accredited […]

Stepping out into the jobs market – what’s your first step?

If you’re looking for your first job and feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to remember that you are most definitely not alone. More people are graduating from college now than ever before, increasing competition. At the same time, recent global economic changes over the past decade have redistributed jobs and weakened economies, making it more difficult […]

Information Security Threats: Creating Challenges & Opportunities

Information security professionals continue to face a growing number of threats. For every well-publicized security breach we hear about, there are dozens of others quietly occurring around the world. Reasons for increasing threat levels are many: Cybercrime is lucrative. Organized crime rings work 24/7 to infiltrate systems, steal data, and sell it on the black […]