4 Engineering Fields that Offer a Rewarding Career Path

engineering fields

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  • An education in engineering can open up many career paths, as engineering covers a wide range of specialized fields, from bridge-building and the construction of buildings to infrastructure such as dams.

    The first step is obtaining an engineering degree, which will then provide graduates with the option to pursue a career path that is suited to them.

    What is engineering?

    Engineering put simply is the application of scientific and mathematical principles to solving problems. Engineers figure out how things work, and then apply these methods to practical uses such as designing and building machines and structures such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and the like.

    With all engineering sectors, there is also the chance to narrow down further into sub-sectors, such as specializing in research, and education too.

    Making a decision on which course to take can be difficult and overwhelming, so follow tips for choosing an Engineering Program to help you decide which sector and program would be the best fit.

    Here are just some of the many different sectors that engineering degree graduates can look forward to pursuing for a rewarding career.

    What do mechanical engineers do?

    Mechanical engineers design a wide range of machinery. Some machines produce power, such as electric generators, steam and gas turbines, and internal combustion engines.

    Mechanical engineers also design and create machines that use power, such as air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems, and useful transportation equipment such as escalators and elevators.

    These all essentially come down to one thing: the generation, distribution and use of energy to solve important problems and improve our quality of life.

    What do civil engineers do?

    Civil engineers focus on the design, construction, and maintenance of components of the built environment, with an emphasis on major transport projects. Some of these environments and structures include roads, canals, airports, dams, and the structural components of railways and other buildings.

    They also play an important part in creating systems for water supplies and sewage treatments.

    What do computer engineers do?

    Computer hardware engineers are involved with all the processes that create a computer system such as. These processes include the research, design, development and testing of computer systems and also their components, including circuit boards, processors, memory devices, routers and also networks.

    With technology now all-important in both business and personal lives, computer engineers can rest assured of job security as we progress to an ever-more technologically advanced world.

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    What do biomedical engineers do?

    Biomedical engineering is another field that offers job security, as people in this field work on important life-changing designs for biomedical equipment such as artificial internal organs, body part replacements and machines that diagnose medical conditions.

    Biomedical engineers also provide technical support such as for the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment along with any adjustments or technical troubleshooting that might be needed.

    These are just a few of the engineering sectors that an engineering degree can pick for a dream career, all of which promise rewarding work and the potential of making valuable contributions to improving the lives of people in various ways.

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