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4 Things Every College Student Should Know About Eating Disorders

eating disorders

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  • Even under the best of circumstances, student life on a college campus can be difficult and stressful.

    The burden of classes, reading assignments, presentations, exams, extracurricular activities, and social engagements can become much heavier if one is dealing with an eating disorder as well.

    Many students struggle to eat healthily during the college years, and sometimes this can lead to feelings of guilt and harmful eating habits and disorders. Learning about how eating orders might manifest and what steps to take to handle them may help some students tackle these complex issues.

    The Mythical Freshman 15

    Some students know that going away to college could change their dietary habits in different ways. In many cases, they can be worried about gaining the so-called “freshman 15” pounds that theoretically all freshmen gain their first year.

    This worry could place an inordinate focus on a person’s eating habits and add to their mental stress. In reality, while it is not uncommon for weight to fluctuate during the early months of college life, it is usually not drastic.

    In addition, many students enter college during a time when their body is naturally changing and maturing, which often involves gaining weight.

    Treatment Facilities Can Help

    It can be difficult to get a handle on an eating disorder by yourself. This can be particularly true when one is dealing with a hectic college schedule and meeting various deadlines. However, eating disorder treatment facilities are experienced in a wide range of issues surrounding this topic. They can work with a client to provide a treatment plan that suits their needs and keeps them organized.

    What You Eat Could Change

    How you take your meals at college probably will be different from what you’ve been used to at home. You’ll also have various choices as to what kind of meals you eat on the campus.

    If you are a college student who is making the sole decisions about your dietary choices for the first time, you can talk to dining hall staff about meal plans or food preparation. Too much concern over college eating habits could make it harder to resume regular meals.

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    Track Your Focus

    There are ways to track how focused a one is on eating. A stressed college student can use certain tracking methods to gain some insights into their eating habits.

    If the focus starts to become heavy, it’s important to reach out for support at a campus health center or specialized clinic. If a student has dealt with an eating disorder before, coping with the stress of college could cause some of these feelings to return. Keeping tabs on your focus during these times can put things in the proper perspective.

    A person dealing with an eating disorder may feel as though they are the only one having such an issue. It can seem like everyone else is organized and well-adjusted. However, others go through these difficulties, and there are groups or facilities available to ensure that no one has to go down this path alone.

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