Five Fresh Tips for Your Newest College Freshman

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  • Going to college is an exciting experience since you’ll be getting a higher education and a chance to live life independently. Living on your own will come sooner or later, and college is the perfect first step to adulthood. Being well prepared for living alone goes a long way for being able to handle the stress involved with college studies and heading to a new home away from home.

    Keep A Budget

    Writing everything you are going to buy will help you discover what you are spending your money on, and help keep yourself updated on how much you have left. Your parents or paycheck may only give you a specific amount each month, so don’t waste it. Remembering to keep money safely for food, bills and other essentials will help you save successfully.

    Keep It Light

    Traveling to a new college is tough since you’ll be living on your own at first. Packing light goes a long way. You may want to bring some furniture like your study table and a small couch or armchair, and you need to consider if getting Island Movers or a storage facility in Hawaii will help you out in the long run and financially. Make it a goal to pack lightly in terms of what you bring. Books you don’t read, bags you won’t use, and other items you won’t need for college should be left at home.

    Have Good Relationships With Your Roommates

    It is highly recommended to get along with your roommates as best as possible. Having bad relationships can cause serious rifts and problems not only personally, but in your studies as well. Working together to find a balance in everything helps a lot. Find common interests and join clubs together. Make a list of rules in regards to cleaning, and other aspects of living together. These are people you’ll be with every morning and night, so keep friendships strong.

    Maintain A Balanced Schedule

    It’s easy to lose sleep or lack energy when you’re up late on some days studying or even partying. Keep a balanced lifestyle. Get enough sleep every night, and study at the same time every day. Exercise, and join group classes on different forms of fitness like Pilates or Yoga so you can keep yourself fit and energized.

    Sororities and Fraternities

    Taking part in the Greek life can help you socialize more, and get to know others in your major or with similar interests. You’ll gain more friendships and have an easier time meeting other students.

    Freshmen may have to adjust to a life on their own. It’s a new experience that can be enjoyable and educational if you make the most out of it, and make sure to put your studies first. Don’t forget to meet new people, budget often, and to make wise choices.

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    • Marie J.

      Yes! Here are the real working rules! I was a member of a sisterhood at my uni. And it made my student life easier and much more interesting. Thanks to the author for sharing.

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