Why Students Love This Back to School Item

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  • Pinole glasses are quickly becoming the thing for students to have when they return to school. Many adults do not even know what pinhole glasses are. Those who know what they are often have no idea why they are so coveted among the youth. It is likely if you are a parent of school-aged children, you would become an instant hero for showing up at home with a pair of pinhole glasses as a back to school gift.

    Stenopeic or pinhole glasses have a series of small holes throughout the lenses, giving them an interesting and cool look students love. The lenses are made of either metal or plastic that is thin enough to be opaque, instead of the usual eyewear lens material. These new type of eyewear have become a fashion statement that goes against the usual look of sunglasses. The fact that few adults wear them make them that much more desirable among youth who desperate are seeking to differentiate themselves from older generations.

    Fashion is not the only thing driving the popularity of pinhole glasses. The glasses can also help improve several vision problems, all without a prescription and expensive doctor’s visit. The secret comes from the tiny holes in the lenses. The holes only allow a narrow band of light to enter the eye instead of the usual wide band of light (called the “pencil of light”). This means that even if the pupil is dilated quite wide, only the middle portion receives light. This restriction of light coming into the eye can help improve vision problems such as farsightedness, presbyopia, myopia and astigmatism.

    For students who must wear prescription glasses all the time, pinhole glasses promise freedom. While empirical evidence is not available at the moment, anecdotal evidence suggests that at least some people who must wear glasses all the time report an improvement from wearing pinhole glasses on a daily basis. In fact, some people state that wearing pinhole glasses for only fifteen minutes each day helps sharpen their vision without the use of corrective lenses. These people indicated that wearing the pinhole glasses gives their eyes the necessary exercise to improve their vision naturally, without surgery. This means students could potentially go through the day without wearing glasses at all, allowing them to wear any sunglasses they choose or no protective lenses at all.

    Students use computers constantly, and pinhole glasses also work to help prevent computer vision syndrome. When a person looks at a computer screen for too long, they develop a condition where the eyes become tired and have trouble focusing. Other symptoms include extreme fatigue, headaches (particularly behind the eyes) and dry eyes. Wearing the pinhole glasses regularly helps eliminate such problems even if a student is a heavy computer user.
    As you can imagine, students love wearing pinhole glasses much more than regular prescription glasses. The sunglasses look cool and different, helping diminish some of the embarrassment otherwise felt by students who must wear glasses to see the board from their desk.

    Frank Foley is a teacher. He frequently writes about unique ways to help students learn better on parenting blogs.

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