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Job Outlook: Biostatisticians

College students with a flair for math may want to consider a career as a biostatistician. These professionals develop and apply biostatistical theory and methods to the study of life sciences, and are in demand by corporate and academic employers alike. If you consider yourself as an aspiring mathematician, then working as a biostatistician can […]

3 Bachelor Degree Programs to Take Online

You’ve heard of online degree programs, but you’ve not really explored them in-depth. Sure, a lot of people are doing them, but they just seem "weird" to you. But online degrees are actually the same as traditional degrees. In fact, online degrees offer special benefits that traditional degrees don’t. For example, an online degree allows […]

About Rehabilitation Counselors

Rehabilitation counselors are professionals that work with the disabled, individuals who may have various physical, social and vocational challenges. These counselors coordinate activities for residents at treatment and care facilities, access client needs, implement rehabilitation programs, and provide the life skills training that such individuals need to find work and stay employed. Skills and Duties […]

College Graduates Need to Protect Their Credit – Here’s How

Summary: College students are at a great point in their lives. They are just getting started and don’t have any negative financial comments in their credit reports. Getting into wise financial habits now will help prepare them for their future. College is a great time of life, but the whole purpose for getting that education […]

About Foresenic Structural Engineering

We like to assume that the buildings we occupy are safe, but structural failure does happen, sometimes deliberately. The field of forensic structural engineering investigates and determines the causes of such failures to help learn why these structures collapsed. These professionals were sent to New York to study one deliberate failure, the Word Trade Towers, […]

Tips for Adjusting to Dorm Life

With school in session once again, millions of college students are forced to find ways to adjust to dorm life. Living in dorms can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences that college has to offer, but it can present a fair amount of challenges as well. Dorm life is drastically different than […]

3 Best Practices for Your Online Learning Experience

Online learning is gaining widespread acceptance. It includes everything from online degrees, to mid-level level education from places like Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare. You can even find basic how-to videos where you can learn real skills on platforms like Instructables and YouTube. The rise of online educational sites simply means that consumers are becoming more […]

Tips for Optimizing Small Dorm Spaces

Dorm rooms are notoriously small spaces. During this important time in a college student’s life it is important to make the most of the space you have so that you can work, live, and study efficiently in your dorm room. Having a clean, clutter free, and organized dorm room is the key to a happy […]

The Career Outlook for Lawyers

The legal profession continues to play a significant role in shaping American life with lawyers in demand across all sectors. Indeed, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics gives this field its "bright outlook" rating as it sees that job growth will parallel the demand for all jobs over the next several years. College students weighing […]

Campus Fun: Halloween Treat Ideas

With Halloween looming on the horizon, fraternities and sororities will be cooking up various party ideas to mark the occasion. So, why not create a tasteful and flavor-filled event by baking and mixing your way to a spooktacular Halloween? You can do so by putting together the following Halloween treats and snacks to mark this […]